Shepherd Daily Devotional

The Value of Darkness

“Darkness begets Light”

Written By Benjamin Dankaka

Darkness begets Light

Generally, light is one of the most widely accepted symbols and the leading force in every area of life. In religion, it is the principal force, often associated with God. In the secular world, light is seen as illumination. We like to think of light as the ultimate symbol of progress. Therefore, light represents leadership because the symbolism of light is used to show direction. We’ve been taught to believe that you cannot advance if you don’t have light. While light is a symbol of growth and power, darkness is seen as a representation of death and destruction.

By reason of that, we often embrace light and try to avoid anything associated with darkness. But in reality, darkness plays an important role in the making of light. Indeed, light is a positive force but we cannot have light until we’ve experienced some form of darkness. Before God created light, darkness was over the surface of the deep. Light, was therefore created out of the dark. Isn’t it amazing that we cannot see the break of dawn until we’ve passed through the darkness of the night? If life is hitting you with dark experiences; stay strong. You light will show up!

Prayer: Lord Jesus, give me the courage to pass through the dark. Amen.


Unless otherwise stated all scripture quotations are from the Holy Bible, New International Version.

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