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“No need worrying over something that is out of your control.”

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All scripture quotations are from the Holy Bible, New International Version.

KEY VERSE: Psalm 23:1-4

Written By Ben Dankaka

On the night that Peter that was rescued by the angel of the Lord, he was heavily guarded by armed men. Ordinarily, there was no way Peter could have escaped by his own effort. So, he simply slept. Peter probably realized there was no need worrying over something that was beyond his control. Possibly, as at that moment, Peter wasn’t thinking of freedom. It could be, he had resolved to make the best use of that moment by having a good sleep. So, when the angel suddenly struck Peter on the side, Peter was dazed. He thought it was a vision.

Peter followed the angel out of the prison, even though “he had no idea that what the angel was doing was really happening.” It was after he had regained his freedom that he realized that it was God who rescued him. As you hold on to God, you are going to get out of your troubles in the same way that Peter did. You may be feeling discouraged because you’ve exhausted all your strategies. Now that you are drained, God will come to your rescue. When that time comes, act like Peter; follow the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Prayer/Confession:  Holy Spirit, I am willing to follow your lead. Amen.


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