Shepherd Daily Devotional

Forgive Yourself

“Your problem may not be about an attachment to the past.”

Key Verse:  1 Peter 5:7

Judas Iscariot and Peter both played active roles in the ministry of Jesus. They both lived with Jesus for three years, heard His teachings and witnessed the miracles He performed. They were among the disciples that Jesus gave authority to preach, heal and cast out demons (Luke 9:1–2). Also, Peter was a member of Christ’s inner circle while Judas served as treasurer. But despite their close relationship with Jesus, they failed Him. But then again, while Peter was able to make up for his mistakes, Judas killed himself. Why did Judas commit suicide? Didn’t he realize he would be forgiven?

Most likely, Judas was aware that God would forgive him because he had heard Jesus preach on forgiveness. But in spite of the teachings, Judas didn’t think he deserved to be forgiven. If Peter could move on, why not Judas? Possibly, Judas committed suicide because he couldn’t forgive himself. Undoubtedly, Peter was able to bounce back because he forgave himself. To forget the past, you must, first of all, be able to forgive yourself. What is holding you back may not be an attachment to the past. It could be that you haven’t forgiven yourself over what happened. Forgive yourself!

Prayer/Confession: Because I’ve been forgiven by God, I will not condemn myself. Amen.

REFERENCES/FURTHER STUDY: Romans 8:1; Luke 22:54-62; Mark 14:50-51

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