Shepherd Daily Devotional

Your Story Matters!

Written By Benjamin Dankaka

You may not know who’s going to be inspired by the challenges you are going through.

On the night that Peter was rescued by God’s angel, he went to Mary’s house and met the people who had been praying for him. The moment the angel left him, Peter thought of the people that were concerned about his troubles. As their leader, Peter knew that his arrest must have instigated fear in the hearts of the brethren. Obviously, he knew they had been praying for him. Now that he had been miraculously recused, He went to them because he wanted the Church to know that God had answered their prayers.

After Peter described how God brought him out of prison, he then instructed the Church to share his testimony with others (Acts 12:25). Many times we fail to share our testimonies. While we are facing challenges, we often ask others to pray for us. But when God responds, we forget to return to those who prayed for us. Instead of sharing our testimonies with those who stood by us, we make new friends and move on. What we fail to realize is that testimonies are important because they serve as proofs to God’s faithfulness. You may not know who’s going to be inspired by your testimony. Testify!

Prayer: Dear Jesus, I will testify of your faithfulness. Amen.


Unless otherwise stated all scripture quotations are from the Holy Bible, New International Version.