Shepherd Daily Devotional

Lead like a Farmer

Written By Benjamin Dankaka

Real leaders are like farmers. They don’t depend on luck.

When farmers set out to cultivate their land, their main objective is to produce crops. But the farmer knows that the only way he would realize his objective is by working hard. Real farmers don’t depend on luck. They know that if they don’t work hard, they would starve. The farmer knows that the only way he can have a harvest is by farming. If he doesn’t work on his farm, he would not have crops at harvest time. The farmer knows that whatever he sows is what he will surely reap. For that reason, he works hard, cultivating his land.

Leadership works in the same way. Like the farmer, the leader reaps whatever he sows. Just as the farmer cultivates his land, the leader nurtures his own people. Like the hardworking farmer whose land produces good crops for himself and others, the leader who spends his time, impacting lives, would eventually have impactful people, who would in turn serve him. Most importantly, just as the hard working farmer is usually the first to receive a share of the crops (2Timothy 2:6); the effective leader also shares the same privilege from those he empowers. Lead like the hardworking farmer.

Prayer: Dear Jesus, I am willing to work hard in your vineyard. Amen.


Unless otherwise stated all scripture quotations are from the Holy Bible, New International Version.