Shepherd Daily Devotional

Perfect Victory

“Life isn’t going to let you win without a good fight.”

Written By Benjamin Dankaka

Life isn’t going to let you win without a good fight.

Life can overwhelm us with challenges that may seem impossible to overcome. But while you can overcome certain challenges with will power, some of our problems cannot be solved by human effort. One day Jesus was confronted by a man possessed by a demon. As soon as the evil spirit recognized Jesus, it shrieked. To shut the demon, Jesus commanded it to come out of the man. Interestingly, even though the evil spirit flung the man, it came out without injuring him. In other words, the man was delivered without wounds.

The demons and some of the problems in your life aren’t going to give up because you want them to. They won’t go because you are smart and intelligent. Imagine what would have happened if the man with the evil spirit had tried to discharge the demon by his will power. For sure, the demon wouldn’t have surrendered without a good fight. But thank God, when Jesus came, the man was delivered without a scratch. If you are trying to win your own battles without God, you might end up with scars. But then if you want to win your battles without injuries ask Jesus to help you out.

Prayer: Dear Lord, fight my battles. Amen.


Unless otherwise stated all scripture quotations are from the Holy Bible, New International Version.

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