Shepherd Daily Devotional

Premature Celebrity

“Stay close to God.”

Stay close to God.

After David killed Goliath, news about him spread. Then, some women popped up with a praise song that placed him above his master, Saul. Because of that song, David had to leave his country.

But the negative impact of the women’s song extended to other kingdoms. When David sought refuge in king Achish’s kingdom, his servants reminded him that he was dealing with a man whom they sang about (1 Samuel 18: 6-9; 1 Samuel 21:10-15; 2 Samuel 22:47-49).

There are times you might achieve something remarkable. And the praises you get will create enemies who feel threatened. So, they would try to stop you. If you ever find yourself in this kind of state, go to God for help.

Written by Ben Dankaka

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