Shepherd Daily Devotional

Good versus Right

“Today, seek God’s guidance.”

All scripture quotations are from the Holy Bible, New International Version.

KEY VERSE: Psalm 119:133 

When you have two options that are both good, but you have to determine which of them is right, you will have a hard time. While a good thing can be easily detected with our senses, knowing the right thing often requires us to make use of our spiritual antennae. Remember when David got the chance to kill Saul; his associate suggested they should kill Saul. That seemed like a good thing because Saul had been trying to kill David.But David realized that the right thing to do was not to lay a hand on Saul.

But there are times when the right thing may not even cross your mind or it may seem like the wrong decision and in the process, you may erroneously think that the good thing you are about to do is the only right decision. When Joseph discovered that the woman he was about to marry was found to be with child, he had in mind, not to disgrace Mary but to quietly divorce her. That seemed like a good decision, but when he got a revelation from God, he changed his mind and took the right decision. Today, seek God’s guidance as you work on your plans for the year.

Prayer/Confession:  Holy Spirit, let my steps be according to Heaven’s will. Amen.

REFERENCES/FURTHER STUDY: 1 Samuel 26:8; Matthew 1:18-20; Genesis 11:1-9

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