Shepherd Daily Devotional – Move!

Written By Ben Dankaka

Meditation – Genesis 12:4

Abraham’s father had intended to settle in Canaan land but his journey ended in Haran. The negative effect of that failed dream affected his son. Because Terah ended his journey in Haran, Abraham didn’t feel motivated to move on. Living in Haran, therefore, became normal to Abraham because his father couldn’t move beyond that city. Abraham became accustomed to “half-baked success.” For Abraham, it was a case of following a tradition that had been created by his father. Abraham might have thought; if my father couldn’t get to Canaan land, why should I? He might have resolved to stay in Haran, lead the family that his father had left, build his business and possibly adopt the culture of Haran. Clearly, Abraham didn’t have his own vision. Whatever it was that he had planned to do wasn’t really different from what his father had done. Haran then became his new country.

But just as Abraham was settling down, God showed up with a plan for him. God said to Abraham, “Leave your country, your people and your father’s household and go to the land I will show you” (Genesis 12:1). So Abraham left. We do not know how long it took Abraham before he obeyed God’s instructions. Also, the scriptures didn’t describe how Abraham had his first encounter with God. When He got that instruction, was it by revelation, vision or he had an encounter with the angel of God? The Bible didn’t say. But we know that when Abraham got that message, he obeyed. Possibly, like Abraham, you’ve had an encounter with God. Perhaps, you’ve been in your comfort zone for too long. You’ve been sitting in that room, thinking you can’t go beyond the limits that others have set. It’s time to do what God wants you to do!

Prayer: Lord Jesus, give me the courage to do what you want me to do. Amen.


Unless otherwise stated all scripture quotations are from the Holy Bible, New International Version.