Shepherd Daily Devotional

When to Give Up

“Just as a lion can be cornered by hyenas, you too can be cornered.”

Just as a lion can be cornered by hyenas, you too can be cornered.

Written By Benjamin Dankaka

As a kid, I was often intrigued by fables of how lions subdued other animals. In those days, I heard people compare heroic individuals to lions. So I grew up believing that lions were the greatest animals in the world. But as I grew up, I discovered that what I learned about lions were somewhat exaggerated. Though lions are truly among the strongest animals, they didn’t always have their way. I recall how stunned I was when I saw a video clip of a lion being cornered by Hyenas. Indeed, lions are endowed with strength, but they don’t always win due to certain circumstances beyond their control. I am sure that is one of the points the psalmist was trying to make when he said, “The lions may grow weak and hungry…” Like lions, we often think of ourselves as bold and strong.

But we fail to realize that life can hit us with some difficulties capable of taking away our strength. Life may come at you with a sudden disaster. You may be hurt by a decision you didn’t know would backfire. Just as a lion can be cornered by hyenas, you too can be taken unawares by some challenges. In such moments, when we are at our weakest point, our ability to bounce back will largely be determined by our relationship with God. When the psalmist stated, “The lions may grow weak and hungry,” he concluded by saying, “but those who seek the Lord lack no good thing”. No matter what you are going through; you can get back on your feet through God’s help. Seek Jesus; He will come through for you. Even if you are a leader, there are times you have to act like a sheep so you can be rescued by the Chief Shepherd.

Prayer: Lord, come into my life and be my Shepherd. Amen.


Unless otherwise stated all scripture quotations are from the Holy Bible, New International Version.

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