Shepherd Daily Devotional

Give Him Back – Part 2

“He transformed fishermen to fishers of men.”

He transformed fishermen to fishers of men.

You might have noticed that Jesus used the words, “follow me” while He was selecting His disciples. Why does Jesus insist we follow Him?

You see, when we give our lives to Christ, He automatically becomes our Lord. Now the word, “Lord” means Master. It also means Owner. As our Master and Owner, we are expected to follow Him. Therefore, to accept Jesus as our Lord, does not only involve a declaration of our faith in Him. True acceptance happens when we follow Jesus.

But we cannot become true followers of Christ until we stop following others, including ourselves.  Jesus wants us to “follow” Him, not because He wants to enslave us but for the reason that He wants to transform our lives.

Written by Ben Dankaka

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