Shepherd Daily Devotional

Don’t Look Back

“If your eyes are fixed on what is behind you, you wouldn’t know what is in front of you.”

Have you ever wondered why our eyes aren’t positioned at the back of our heads? Among other reasons, God placed our eyes on our faces so we can have the ability to move forward. If our eyes weren’t situated in front of our heads, we wouldn’t be able to advance. Therefore, we must realize that what we do with our eyes can either slow down or speed up our progress. If your eyes are fixed on what is behind you, would you know what is in front of you?

Moments before the city of Sodom was punished, the two angels who had been assigned with the task had hurriedly led Lot’s family out of the town and left them with a strange warning, “Don’t look back”. But Lot’s wife looked back and became a pillar of salt. Perhaps, her disobedience was due to an emotional attachment to a life she was leaving behind. Whatever her reasons might have been, she got stuck because she looked back. One of the consequences of dwelling on your past is immovability. She looked back into her past and lost the chance to get into a future that God had prepared for her. As you leave your past, don’t look back. 

Prayer/Confession: My eyes are fixed on the promises of God. Amen.


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