Shepherd Daily Devotional

Change Your Mind

“Nothing changes until you change your thoughts.”

Nothing changes until you change your thoughts.

In the parable of the lost son, Jesus shared a story of a man who had two sons. The younger one demanded for his share of inheritance and left home. After he had spent everything on reckless living, an economic recession hit his country. To survive, he had to work in a farm where he was assigned to feed pigs.

This went on until one fateful day when he suddenly realized that while he was starving to death, the servants in his father’s house had food to spare. So, he got up and returned to his father, who restored his position in the family.

In Luke’s account of this story, you would notice that the son didn’t arrive at that decision until “he came to his senses” (Luke 15:11-32 – NIV). This story illustrates the power of the mind. Nothing changes until you change your thoughts.

Written by Ben Dankaka

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